1. Why you should purchase unlocks with Mobile Unlock 4 Ever?            

  • – Lowest price Guarantee.
  • – Fast unlock code delivery.
  • – Exceptional customer support!
  • – Easy to follow instructions.
  • – 100% Guaranteed or your money back!

2. Is Mobile Phone Unlocking Legal?

   Unlocking a mobile phone so that it will accept alternative network SIM cards is legal. All mobile phones are manufactured to accept any SIM card. It is consumers legal right to have their phone unlocked!

3. What is 100% customer satisfaction guarantee?

       If for some reason your code doesn't work and you sent us the right IMEI, we will do our best to get you the right code or get the problem fixed. If for some reason we cannot unlock your phone, we will refund your purchase. (If the phone is blacklisted, stolen etc this does not apply)

4I want to switch to a different carrier, can you help?

         Absolutely just purchase and we will email you the unlock code and instructions to the email you provide us. Once unlocked you can choose whatever carrier you like.

5. Once I unlock it can I update the OS or factory restore it?

        Yes. You can restore, update, download, modify, etc as many times as you like.

6. After I unlock my phone will I ever have to unlock it again?

       Once you unlock your phone is it permanently unlocked. We're talking forever! Your phone will never re-lock.

7. Why are some codes instant while others take a few days?

            How fast we get the code depends on the manufacturer we get it from. We submit every order the minute you purchase but once we hand it off to the manufacturer the time it takes to process and send us back the unlock code takes anywhere from a couple seconds to a few days. Will inform all the average delivery times when your ordering with us.

8. How do I pay and is my information safe?

      We accept Paypal, along with on Paypal you can use a credit or debit card. Each purchase is 100% secure via Paypal.

9. Will it void the warranty or harm the phone in any way?

            Absolutely not! Unlocking your phone is just one of the many great capabilities of cell phones. Phones we're created to accept unlock codes, to be unlocked, and doing so is just taking advantage of one the normal every day functions.

10. I got your e-mail but my code says “Not Found”. What does that mean?

      The most common reasons why you get “Not Found” as a code is either you have given us the incorrect IMEI number or incorrect network. You can simply e-mail or call us to get another code result or get a 100% refund.

11. Do I need any wires or cables to unlock my phone?

  Absolutely not! all you need is your phone, the unlock code and a non accepted sim card!         

                    For any inquiry feel free to contact us.

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